My Soap Box

This is for things in life that I think are nuts. Things that if provoked, I will let you know what I think.

Wrapping Paper

I will tell you right now that the biggest scam ever to hit this world is wrapping paper. Think of it: you pay for stuff that you know is going to be ripped to shreds. And will never be used again. Or worse yet, you pay someone to cover a gift in it and who cares what the paper looks like. All anyone wants to know is what is inside it. I've watched: The paper is admired for exactly 0.42 seconds. On the first one. And you never see anyone walk by the tree and say, "My, what lovely wrapping paper." It's always, "What in the world can that thing be?" And at Christmas, unless everyone there is 110 years old and can barely move, some valuable part is going to get mixed into all the crunkled up paper and thrown out. Birthdays are the same: lost pieces and a big mess to throw out. And why cover it up anyway? Leave it in the Walmart bag that it came in, or put it in a container with a name that everyone knows it did not come from. I will never buy wrapping paper. I might put a bow on it.


Before I get into this, I want to say that this rant is not against the true meaning of Christmas. I am as grateful as my sinful heart can be that Jesus came as a man and was born and lived perfectly for me and died and satisfied the demands of God's justice. What I am ranting about is probably the problem we have with Christmas lasting from before Halloween. And you have to buy something for everybody and bring a tree into your house (What other holiday do you bring a whole friggin' tree into your house?), light up the house like a city block and murder beautiful songs for a month and a half. Over and over again. I used to like "O, Holy Night" until I heard someone mess it up the other day. Now I only like the Snoopy Christmas song probably because I don't ever hear it. If Christmas was from December 22 until, okay, I will give it December 26, I could appreciate it. But not when it starts the middle of October. December 1 is still too early to start. So here is my revenge: I am going to start celebrating Independence Day (Not the Fourth of July) on May 14. I am going to wear red, white and blue for a month and a half. Whine about the all the barbecues I have to go to all of June. Blow up fireworks every night for a couple of weeks. (or at least when I can afford them). And generally remind everyone that it is not fair for Christmas to be the only holiday celebrated for six weeks. Let's do 'em all that way.

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