Easley Home Educators

Welcome to the Easley Home Educators Web Site. EHE is a support group seeking to provide support and encouragement to those families who are home schooling their children in an environment conducive to good moral and philosophical instruction, with a traditional Judeo/Christian emphasis. Easley Home Educators began as a support group of six families in the fall of 1991. By 2001, we numbered over 200 families in the greater Easley Area. EHE now has over 100 families with over 400 students. Membership in EHE is attained by signing our Code of Conduct, buying our notebook (which includes the price of our liability insurance), and agreeing to be actively involved in at least one of our activities.

Board Members

Dale and Elizabeth Watson
Scott and Bonnie Rawson
Chris and Shawna Talley

Our school year begins with a kick off evening on Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at Rock Springs Baptist Church, 201 Rock Springs Road, Easley, SC. For all of our families, new and returning, this is a time to pick up a schedule of activities, sign up for events, sign the Code of Conduct, pay dues ($40.00 for returning families, $45.00 for new families—after the kick off price increases $5), meet new friends and get reacquainted with old friends. Children are always welcome at the kick off, but nursery care will not be provided. A list of the co-op classes, which begin in September, may be available.

Co-op classes for all grades are held on Monday morning from 10-12 at Rock Springs Baptist Church. Park day, skating, spelling bee, field day, Key Club, and Iowa testing are some of the other activities provided for EHE members. Junior high and senior high students have the opportunity to be involved in the production of our yearbook. Senior high school students may participate in a week long drama program which culminates in a presentation on Friday night and a matinee on Saturday. Our senior high students also put on a Parent Appreciation Banquet for our parents. We provide a senior class trip, senior high banquet and graduation. Due to the increasing size of our senior classes, we have had to implement guidelines for senior activities. Please take note of these if you have a high school student. EHE students are also active in community service projects through our Key Club. Many of our 7th-12th grade students also participate in competitive basketball, volleyball and soccer with Easley Home Athletics. Easley Home Athletics provides opportunity for our kids to play competitive sports against local Christian School and other home school groups, while still maintaining strong sportsmanship values.

Our logo "Guarding Tradition Values" speaks for the philosophy of our group. We are seeking to build a solid Judeo/Christian foundation in all our activities. While our Code of Conduct requires a parent to be involved in at least one activity, we strongly recommend that families get as involved as they can. First, this is where your children will make lifelong friendships; being involved in many activities helps to solidify those friendships. Second, all our activities are led by volunteer families. If the work falls to only a few people, there will be fewer activities. EHE has gained a strong reputation for being a well rounded support group--because so many families have been involved in the past. In order to maintain a strong home school community, we want to continue that full group participation in the future.